HPPSv3; upcoming CPPS

Hello, all!

HPPSv3 is currently being coded. The register is currently avalible for all of the penguins who want to play. All though, the play was avalible, they took it down due to issues. Here are the links:




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Welcome to CPPSHQ!


I am Makarov, owner of CPPSHQ.net!

After the fall of the original CPPSHQ, I decided to bring CPPSHQ back to life.

Let me tell you about some of the goals I have for this website:

  1. Gain over 50,000 views
  2. Make a Club Penguin Private Server completely made from the staff at CPPSHQ.net
  3. Gather a team of highly trained authors
  4. Have fun

Do you think these goals are appropriate for CPPSHQ.net

Comment your thoughts below!

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